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I bought two new pairs of sandals yesterday. I’m not really a fan of wearing sandals but these I know I’m going to wear a lot simply because of the block heel. I love wearing heels especially because I’m short but also because it makes your legs and butt look a lot better 😉

On a daily basis I don’t wear sky high heels but this block heel is perfect to wear when running around town, to meetings, lunch etc. It’s not too high but still gives you a good lift.   The block heel is also perfect if you aren’t a champion in heels then you can use this type of sandal when you go out. 

I have a lot of booties with block heel but no sandals with it so I’m so happy I’ve found some. Mine are from Zara but I wanted to share other affordable options with you guys <3

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1.Here / 2.Here / 3.Here / 4.Here / 5.Here / 6.Here / 7.Here / 8.Here / 9.Here / 10. Here / 11.Here / 12.Here /13.Here /14.Here /15.Here /16.Here

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Caught Sofia Vergara getting her star!!!