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Beach Day at Venice Beach

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Today we enjoyed the beautiful weather by the beach. We showed my partner in crime Ida’s family the famous beach Venice Beach – it was actually also Daisy Duke’s first time at thee beach 😉

We walked up and down the beach promenade for hours watching all the street artists, skaters, people performing on roller blades and we also watched Red play a basketball game (VBL summer league). It was super hot by the beach today even though the weather forecast said it would be overcast and chilly. After having lunch we talked to some former gang members who where in rehab by the beach. They were all tatted from head to toe and one of them have been in and out of prison the last 33 years but finally made a choice to change his life and become sober. It was very interesting to talk to them.

If you visit Los Angeles Venice Beach is a must – and make sure to go during the weekend. The vibe during the weekends is so much fun and you see all sorts of people and street artist 🙂



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