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Kourtney breaks up with Scott!!!

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It’s official: Kourtney Kardashian broke up with Scott Disick over the 4th of July weekend after pictures of Scott and his ex-girl L.A. based stylist Chloe Bartoli getting cozy in Monte Carlo hit the internet.

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It’s not the first time Scott has been accused of cheating on the mother of his three children Mason, Penelope and baby Reign. The couple has also been dealing with Scott’s agression, alcoholism and his absence while going on party binges.

A source close to the family says that this time Kourtney is leaving him for good. She says it’s different this time because their children are getting older and she can no longer allow Scott’s behaviour around the kids – she needs to do what’s best for the kids. 

The couple has been dating since 2006 and temporarily split in 2010 due to Scott entering rehab but this time Kourtney is not taking him back. Enough is enough and she is tired of being humiliated and disrespected in public. 

A little personal side note I have actually attended multiple dinners, parties etc with Chloe Bartoli due to mutuel friends. She is not a friend of mine but I was shocked when I saw that she was the one Scott was cheating with! 

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