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Upper body for Girls #FitnessFriday

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A lot of girls are afraid when it comes to working out your upper body (arms, back, shoulders etc). Many girls think they will end up looking too masculine and muscular if they work out their upper bodies and that’s a lie.

In my #FitnessFriday video I’ sharing three exercises that is great upper body circuit. I do exercises like these at least once a week and I promise you they will not make you loose your feminine look. I’m going for a look with toned and lean (skinny) arms so you ave nothing to worry about 😉

Tone your booty without getting masculine and muscular legs! 

1. Inverted push ups  – keep your butt tight 3×10

2. Incline push ups with alternating knee crossovers – keep your back and butt flat 3×15

3. Skull crushers to chest press 3×10

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New couple: Bella Hadid & The Weekend