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Quick fat burner #FitnessFriday

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This #FitnessFriday my trainer @MrMvtFit and I were focusing on really making me sweat and burn some calories – especially after my wild weekend trip to Las Vegas. 

Instead of doing the typical “run on the treadmill” drill we used an agility ladder. Agility ladder is great to improve mobility, coordination and speed great tool for athletes but also great for anyone trying to burn some calories and really sweat. It’s a great way to burn fat and because both coordination and mobility is an important factor it takes your head off the fact that you are working your butt off;)

I prefer this type of cardio training over the usual “20 minutes on the treadmill”. And this type of cardio training has played a huge factor in me loosing weight. 

Feminine toning for your upper body here. 

1. Weighted sumo squats on the agility ladder – 3 rounds

2. Weighted single leg hop – 3 rounds

3. Quick feet drill – 3 rounds

One round is both ways

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