My 4th of July #America

Mama-Zanne’s wild night out in L.A.

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Friday night was “mom’s night out. My girlfriend Elif, partner in crime Ida and Christian took Mama-Zanne and Ida’s mom Annette out to gay town aka West Hollywood.

We started out with dinner at the famous restaurant Pump and then later on continued the festivities at the craziest gay club “The Abbey”. The night was filled with laughter, delicious food, drinks, dancing and most importantly male gogo dancers 😉 

Both Mama-Zanne and Annette was going all in and danced all night long. I won’t spit out all the juicy details because what happens at girls night stays between the girls but I’m not lying when I say the night was wild. Both m partner in crime Ida and I were shocked and also having the time of our lives watching our moms let loose ;)

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See all the crazy pictures from my pride weekend in West Hollywood. 

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My 4th of July #America