4th of July is coming up #ThrowbackThursday

Mads Mikkelsen in New RiRi “BBHMM” video!

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Today Rihanna’s video to “Bitch Better Have My Money” was released. I’m personally not a huge fan. I think there is too much violence and abuse and it seems kind of irrelevant for the music video. I don’t mind the nudity in the video and RiRi looks great but the violence is a little extreme and I was expected a lot more from Rihanna.

The highly anticipated music video is directed by Evan E. Rogers and have Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen in as a guest star #ProudDane.

Take a look below and let me know what you think 🙂

Warning: the above video contains nudity, profanity, and extreme violence. Protect your brain and proceed with caution.

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  • Janni

    Do you know where the bag with zippers down the sides ind the beginning of the video is from?

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4th of July is coming up #ThrowbackThursday