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This weekend I went on a wild trip to Las Vegas for my girl friend Christina’s birthday. The whole trip was absolutely amazing and wild things that can’t be written on my blog happened 😉

Friday we all met for lunch before we all drove to Las Vegas in a Mercedes Sprinter bus. The bus had drinks, snacks, neon lights, loud music and leather couches and by the time we hit Vegas we were all turned up. The most beautiful room’s were booked of us at the Wynn Hotel.

All weekend we had amazing dinners, VIP pool parties, gambling, watched a beautiful water show and partied till 5-6AM every night while watching huge Dj’s perform.

We got back to Los Angeles very very late Sunday night. Even though my Monday was brutal it was totally worth it. The group was amazing and the trip was so much fun. Thank you to Christina & Howard for this amazing trip<3

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