#SillySundays - Kardashian edition

Bieber breaks down at VMA

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Last night at The VMA (Video music awards) 2015 Justin Bieber performed for the first time in two years! And he took the world with storm. He performed his summer hit “Where are you now” and his new single “What do you mean”. 

The singer wore all black and his dancers were in all white. He both danced and sang – even falsetto – and it really looked like the old Justin Bieber were back! He ended his performance by swinging though the air in a harness. After his performance the crowd couldn’t stop clapping and the 21 year old got emotional and broke down in tears!!!! Everything was very touching from his reaction to his performance and I think it’s safe to say Bieber is back! Hopefully it will last 😉

I’ve been trying to find a video clip of his full performance from the VMA 2015 but I just can’t find it anywhere. Please if you stumble upon it please share it with me in a comment 🙂 Thank you.

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Watch his new video “What do you mean” here:


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