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Tight feminine booty #FitnessFriday

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It’s Friday and the weekend is just around the corner YAY! Friday also means I’m sharing my #FitnessFriday work out video. Today I’m focusing on booty and legs. 

This time I’ve been incorporating partial reps or you can call it half reps of my exercises. Doing this you really put the muscle to work and you can really feel the burn. In the third exercise (leg press) I did 7 partial reps before doing one complete full leg press extension.

The partial reps are a fun twist to a regular leg press exercise and can also be used on sumo squats, lunges etc. Try it and I swear your muscle will burn 😉

1. Elevated weighted glute kickbacks 3×20

2. Hold the elevated kickback 3×10 sec

3. Leg press pulse combo 3×8 (7 particle reps 1 full extend =8 then 6 partial reps 1 full extend=7 etc..)

4. Single leg dumbbell step ups 3×10 each leg

Fun exercises to get a flat and toned stomach.

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