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Paradise in Malibu

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Before my Mama-Zanne left today my partner in crime Ida and I surprised her with an early birthday celebration. Mama-Zanne has been working so much all Summer and she absolutely loves the beach so we decided she deserved a beach day. We packed her bag and told her to get ready and then we drove out to Malibu. We went to the most beautiful beach club called “Paradise Cove”. Paradise Cove is a closed area with a restaurant, bar, to go bar, and sun beds. It’s one of the only beaches in Los Angeles with chairs and sunbeds. 

We rented a couple of beds and had a light lunch and then finished the day with Paella for dinner:)

It was such a beautiful day and Mama-Zanne was so happy – especially since it was her first time there.

I think Paradise Cove is officially one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles. Check out the beautiful pictures Ida took – and don’t miss out on the best picture at the bottom 😉 

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The blooper: A seagull decided to poop on the amazing photographer’s of these pictures and my partner in crime Ida LOL!!!!


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Kylie did NOT crash her Ferrari