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12 guys Kim K has “dated”

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We all know that Kim Kardashian is with her amazing hubby Kanye West. They started started dating in 2012, but rumours of a romance go back to 2007. The two are happily married and expecting their second child but what did her dating life look like before Kanye?

1. When Kim was 14 she lost her virginity to Michael Jackson’s nephew, TJ Jackson. The two were together in High School.

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2. Kim’s first marriage was to music producer Damon Thomas when she was just 19 and he was 30. The two got married in Vegas and ended their four year relationship in 2004. Kim has accused him for physically and emotionally abusing her while he says she is a shopaholic and used him for money ad fame.

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3. Her relationship with Ray J is what really made her famous. She met Ray J while working for his sister Brandy. The two filmed a sex tape in 2003 which later started her career. After being on/off for many years they officially ended it in 2007.

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4. Kim dated Nick Lachey sometime in 2006 right after divorcing Jessica Simpson. Kim was  on a break from Ray J while dating Nick.  Nick called off their romance because he felt like Kim was using him for stardom and calling paparazzies. Apparently they went to the movies and when they left around 30 paps were there to take their picture?!

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5. Another star Kim hooked up with while being on/off with Ray J was Nick Cannon. Nick Cannon says the reason why he dumped Kim was because she lied about her sex tape with Ray J but that she was the nicest people he’d ever met.

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6. In March 2007 Kim was briefly linked to singer Marques Houston. Aside from a red carpet picture of the two at a movie premiere and a romantic vacation  There doesn’t seem to be much evidence of the two together.

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7. Kim dated Dian Ross’ son Evan Ross for couple of months in 2007. They weer spotted on a string of dates. Evan Ross is now married to Ashlee Simpson.

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8. Kim started dating her longtime boo football player Reggie Bush in 2007. Same time as her show started getting real popular. After breaking up a couple of times the two  ended their relationship for good in 2010. Reggie is now married to a girl who looks very much like Kim Kardashian;).

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9. We know Kim loves her athletes, so it’s not a shocker that she was reportedly spotted making out with soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo in a club in Spain in April 2010. Their romance was ever confirmed and could’ve been just a little flirt.

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10. Moving on to another athlete Kim briefly dated football star Miles Austin in 2010. Rumors has it he is very shy and private and couldn’t keep up with The Kardashian’s.

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11. Kim was spotted on a date with Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubrey. The two were spotted at a very public date siting court side at a basketball game. That was the only time the press spotted the two out together.

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12. In 2010 Kim Kardashian dated another athlete basketball player Kris Humphries. Their romance didn’t last long and Kim filed for divorced only 72 days after tying the knot. They didn’t get divorced till 2013 while also being pregnant with Kanye and her’s first child North.

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