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Kendall abandoned Kylie

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On last night’s episode of  “Keeping up with The Kardashian” Kylie Jenner accused sister Kendall Jenner of abandoning and ditching her at the red carpet event for The Billboard Music Awards. Prior to the award show Kylie had expressed that she was anxious about walking the red carpet since it was the same day as The About Bruce special aired. 

Kylie felt alone when Kendall left to walk and represent H&M and Balmain. After Kendall left Kylie refused to do any interviews because she was scared of what the press might have to say. She felt alone and was mad at her older sister for ditching her at such hard time.

Kylie & Kendall style battle: Who wore it better? 

After the two sat down and talked Kendall apologized and explained that she had to leave her behind due to her commitment to Balmain and H&M.

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  • Cecilie

    Hvor ser du afsnittene henne?

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    • Victoriah Bech

      Her i USA bliver de vist hver søndag på TV. Måske prøv at google watch free “Keeping up with the kardashian” season 10. 🙂

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