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Did Kim hook up w/ The Game

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American rapper The Game was on “The Wendy Williams” talk show and the host Wendy asked if The Game ever hooked up with Khloe Kardashian. The Game insistently said no no, and explained that are just good friends and have know each other for a long time.

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When Wendy then asked if it is true that him and Kim Kardashian had a little thing going back in the day he was shocked and unprepared. He stumbled over his explanation and looked very nervous. After collecting himself he gave the audience this vague answer:

 ‘”Kanye is a really good friend of mine and you know, he’s got a really good family structure, That baby is just to die for and you know I don’t want to disrespect their family infrastructure.”

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The host Wendy Williams replied with a wink to the audience and said: “We understand what you are saying”! 

To me it definitely sounds like the two had something going on back in the day. Kim and The Game also used to hang in the same party circles so why not?

Watch the whole interview here and make your own decision. The Khloe part starts at 4.33 and he is asked about Kim Kardashian at 5.19.



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