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Last minute Kanye West concert

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This weekend both Friday and Saturday Kanye West was performing right by my house at the famous Hollywood Bowl. Red and I had been talking about going since last time we saw Kanye West at Coachella with The Weekend he killed it! He was so good and ever since we have talked about checking him out.

We didn’t have tickets but Saturday an hour before the 8’clock concert we decided to check online for people who were selling their tickets last minute. We found a couple of people and drove to the venue with another of Red’s friends.


By the time we got to the venue it was already 8’clock so we had to find good tickets for a good price fast. It was a little stressful running up and down the hills in 80 degrees going back and forth about prices, talking to different people and let’s not forget that we needed to find three tickets together.

By 8.45 we had found three super good tickets for a good price. We were sitting at “the terrace” which is very VIP, you have your own terrace bow and you can see everything.

Kanye’s concert weren’t as turned up as he normally is. The concert seemed more like a play and him telling a story about heartbreak and how fame is a lie with his songs from the 808 & Heartbreak album.


Everyone on stage was in white including Kanye himself who was wearing chic drapey garments in shades of white and off-white. He brought Kid Cudi on stage with hime for a couple of songs.


My favorite performance that night was his last song “Pinocchio”. It was very touching and  he really put himself out there.

The Kardashian/Jenner klan was all there supporting Kim’s hubby 🙂


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