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Happy Sunday! Today I’m heading to a pre-wedding Champagne brunch in Westwood before the wedding in San Francisco in a couple of weeks. After I’m heading to church and just chilling  which I prefer to do on Sundays.

While I’m brunching my way through my Sunday enjoy my favorite memes of the week 🙂 #SillySundays



#YouDontNeedToBeFollowingNoChicksButMe LOL




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Did Kim hook up w/ The Game

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American rapper The Game was on “The Wendy Williams” talk show and the host Wendy asked if The Game ever hooked up with Khloe Kardashian. The Game insistently said no no, and explained that are just good friends and have know each other for a long time.

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When Wendy then asked if it is true that him and Kim Kardashian had a little thing going back in the day he was shocked and unprepared. He stumbled over his explanation and looked very nervous. After collecting himself he gave the audience this vague answer:

 ‘”Kanye is a really good friend of mine and you know, he’s got a really good family structure, That baby is just to die for and you know I don’t want to disrespect their family infrastructure.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 14.46.42

The host Wendy Williams replied with a wink to the audience and said: “We understand what you are saying”! 

To me it definitely sounds like the two had something going on back in the day. Kim and The Game also used to hang in the same party circles so why not?

Watch the whole interview here and make your own decision. The Khloe part starts at 4.33 and he is asked about Kim Kardashian at 5.19.



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My work out today #FitnessFriday

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Here’s my #FitnessFriday video of this week. In this week I’m focusing on core and upper body. Normally upper body doesn’t make you sweat as much or burn too many calories. But with these exercises you’ll keep your heart rate up while working you upper body. That way you will still burn calories and fat.

Also these exercises target more than just one muscle. Your back, core, arms and shoulders are all being targeted.

Get a toned booty like Jennifer Lopez here.

  1. 1. Bosu burpees  3×10

2. Plank push up with knee tucks – keep your butt and back flat 3×10

3. One arm plank cable pulls 3×10 on each arm

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Wrapped crop top – Outfit Inspiration

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Lately I’m really into long sleeve wrapped crop tops – mostly because I’m a little insecure about my arms and these crop tops cover that area.

You can dress up a long sleeve wrapped crop top by putting it together with a pencil skirt or trousers or you can dress it down by wearing them with jeans shorts or jeans. You can rock a long sleeve asymmetric jersey top with almost everything – and it’s all about how you style it.

I highly recommend that you step up your top game by adding a long sleeve wrapped crop top – you are going to love it!

Here’s a little outfit inspiration <3

IMG_7733FullSizeRender-165 IMG_7227 IMG_7736IMG_7288 IMG_7734 IMG_7735 IMG_7737

Top: American Apparel – Shorts: American Apparel – Shoes: Converse – Bandana & earrings unknown. 

Below is some inspiration for you to buy my look. Shop till you drop;) 

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1. here / 2. here / 3. here / 4. here / 5. here / 6. here / 7. here / 8. here / 9. here / 10. here

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Did Victoria Beckham pee her pants??

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Tuesday evening Victoria Beckham was celebrating her one year anniversary of her London Store. Victoria Beckham was wearing black skinny jeans with a black top, sky high stilettos and a sequin jacket. The 41-old mother of four looked stunning while arriving at the party – it didn’t get awkward till she left the venue.

When Victoria stepped out after the party clinging to her hubby’s arm a mysterious wet patch was on her crutch both in the front and in the back. Did Victoria pee her pants? I mean she is older and she did have four kids which sometimes causes women to pee while laughing too much, running etc.

A rep from the Beckham family quickly released a statement saying: ‘It was the most unfortunate positioning of a spilt drink, whilst Victoria was sitting down – thankfully it was not a ‘dampener’ on what was a fantastic night.’ 

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Beside her (hot) husband of 16 years David Beckham and her oldest son Brooklyn other  glamorous guests were in attendance. Such as upermodel Naomi Campbell, jewellery designer Jade Jagger, rocker Noel Gallagher and his wife Sara Macdonal,  Eillie Golding, Burberry designer Christopher Bailey and many more.

So the question is what type of accident do you think Victoria Beckham had? Was it a spilled drink or did she pee her pants? 

Here is Victoria Beckham arriving at her party – with no wet patch! 

 2CA6EF6300000578-3245259-Busy_schedule_Victoria_arrived_back_in_London_this_week_followin-a-37_1443002314512 2CA6EF5700000578-3245259-Busy_schedule_Victoria_arrived_back_in_London_this_week_followin-a-35_1443002314190

2CAA92AE00000578-3245259-Family_affair_The_duo_made_their_way_into_a_taxi_alongside_their-m-112_14430031736352CAA896300000578-3245259-Doting_husband_David_held_Victoria_by_the_waist_as_he_guided_her-a-68_1443002490229  2CAA77D200000578-3245259-Somebody_to_lean_on_Victoria_Beckham_clung_on_tight_to_her_husba-a-26_1443002313963

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