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Khloe’s ultimatum for Lamar

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Last week Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom announced that they cancelled there divorce papers. The news broke after Lamar was in a coma for almost a week after being found unconscious in a brothel filled with prostitutes, overdosed on drugs and herbal viagra.

Khloe has been by Lamar’s side since he was hospitalized and only left briefly to attend Kim’s baby shower in Beverly Hills.

Even though Khloe is by his side and agreed to cancel their divorce doesn’t mean it didn’t come with an ultimatum for Lamar. “Do drugs again and I’m gone for good”! 

Khloe is the only person Lamar has left except his underaged children and his dad who’s a serious drug addict. Khloe is the only person who can help him with his recover and he is also still under The Kardashahian’s health insurance. So far Lamar’s medical bills is millions of dollars!!!!! 

I personally hope Lamar gets the right help and checks into rehab. I think it’s time that Khloe stop babying him and being so co-independent and cover for him. With that being said I hope they can stay together and work it out while being sober 😉

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  • Laila

    This blog has almost become a news website for the Kardashians.. I realize you love the family, and I do too, but I’d be awesome to read blogs where you talk about them from your perspective, instead of just posting news about them.. Just my opinion 🙂

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