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I know, losing 8 pounds in one week almost sounds too good to be true right? Nonetheless it is possible!!!! My mama Zanne recently published the E-book “Den tyndeste bog for tykke” on Businessbetterlife.com. The books is full of audio files with hypnosis sessions all revolving around weight loss and better ways of eating and staying healthy – and the good news is, IT REALLY WORKS.

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Using this book to lose weight is NOT another time consuming diet – no need to count calories in everything you set your teeth in. Using hypnosis simply changes the way your mind sees food – the way your subconscious mind sees food. Typically, with diets people start off really well. They start to see changes, but those changes tend not to last longer than a few months. Before people know it, they’re back in old habit patterns that were never really broken. With hypnosis your break that pattern for good.

Weight loss through hypnosis is a safe and effective way to create a healthy, joyous lifestyle that allows the body and the mind to feel good in the process of attaining and maintaining an ideal weight and body image – LONG TERM.

Check out this video and hear how Marianne lost 50 pounds using hypnosis

Get the same results – with out any hard work.

SIGN UP at Businessbetterlife.com and get access to numerous audio hypnosis sessions AND get your hands on the e-Book “Den tyndeste bog for tykke”.

As of right now all content on businessbetterlife.com is in Danish. English version will be available shortly, so stay tuned folks.

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