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How I lost 15 pounds!!!

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Yes it’s true – over the past two years I’ve lost a lot of weight. I lost 10-15 pounds, dropped from a normal size small to a Xxs-xs. I have never been fat (TV makes you look ALOT bigger than you are so chill) but I just wanted to slim down a little and get everything tight and toned – so that’s what I did.

People ask me very often how did I do it, what do I do to maintain it etc. Besides the obvious  exercising / working out and eating healthy and clean I quickly developed my on little routine and ways to reach my goal of loosing weight. Therefore I decided to spill some of my weight loss secrets with y’all:

1. I’m not a fan of diets because I think it limits you from being social, having fun and it’ just too damn hard to stick to. Instead I primarily stick to eating proteins (all kinds of meat, fish, poultry – love turkey bacon), fruits, vegestables and I don’t mind adding rice. But I also eat chocolate every day – not entire box but a few bites.

2. If I know that I’m going out for dinner and drinks at night I try to eat very minimal during the day – No NOT starving myself. For example I’ll drink a delicious protein smoothie for breakfast and a can of tuna mixed /a piece of fish with an avocado, a bell peber and a slice of rye bread or a chicken /vegetable soup or a small salad something light and rich in proteins – you get the point. That way you don’t have to feel guilty when enjoying dinner and drinks with your friends.

3. I would never count calories – never. For me that’s a sure recipe for failure and to drive myself nuts. Just eat clean (stay away from pre-made food) and healthy.

4. If you really craving something like really crave it just eat a little bit of it instead of fighting it. For example lately I’m really into these new chips I found but instead of bringing the whole bag with me while watching TV I pour a little bit on a plate. That way I won’t eat the whole bag.

5. When you order a sandwich only eat one slice of the bread. That way it feel’s like you still had a sandwich and that you didn’t miss out.

6. When I’m at a restaurant I try to only eat half of what’s on my plate and take the other half to-go. That way one portion turns into two while still keeping the calories down. If doing this ordering a delicious pasta dish isn’t so bad when you split it into two meals 😉

7. Most people don’t know how to effectively work out so ask someone who does. Either ask a friend, hire a trainer for an hour or look up work out’s online. You can see all my #FitnessFriday work out videos here – get inspired or simply copy my exercises.

8. Push yourself to the limit and sweat while working out and always add exercises that gets your heart rate up such as jumping jacks, high knees, 2 minute sprint etc.

9. If you are craving something sweet try to brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth helps getting rid of the taste of wanting something sweet. (I actually learned this from Pamela Anderson ha ha)

10. Don’t starve yourself. Eat till you are full and don’t be scared of eating a lot as long as it’s healthy. Dink lots of water.

I hope this list is helpful. Of course everyone is different but this is some of the things that worked/works for me 🙂

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