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How to Contour like a Kardashian

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As we all know the Kardashians’ makeup always stay on point – and they have the best glam teams of hair and makeup artists to make sure it stays like that. Here are some tips and pointers to the different products they use on the sisters to enhance their beautiful features.

See what kind of contour fits your face shape here!

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1. Contour Kit This easy-to-use palette consists of 3 highlighting and 3 contouring powders. They all compliment each other to help sculpt, enhance and define your natural features. Create the illusion of higher cheekbones, a smaller forehead, a softer jawline, or a slimmer nose. This is a Kardashian classic and definitely a “must try”. The powder is easy to work with and can be applied subtly or dramatically as you wish.
2. Contour Cream Kit The Contour Cream Kit basically works exactly the same as as the powder one mentioned above. Picking between the two really just depends on your personal preference and whether you like working with powders or creams. The benefit of this kit is that the creamy texture blends seamlessly while giving you a dewy sheen.
3. Morphe G4 Angle Brush Use an angled powder brush to apply the powder contour kit. You can use it to create more defined lines as well as blending
4. Real Techniques Arched Powder Brush #100 Use an angled powder brush that’s a little more fluffy to apply highligts.
5. Original Beautyblender Use a damp beautyblender to effortlessly blend the cream contour. This product is a must-have!!! Whether you contour or not – this is the best applicator on the market.
6. Original Beautyblender Micro Use the micro beautyblender when applying product to the under eye area. It allows you to get to all the corners.


Last but not least: Kardashian Beauty Cabana Bronzer! Go from winter white to a tan summer glow with this matte bronzer. All of the Kardashians swear to this bronzer, and I mean why wouldn’t they, it’s their own brand.

Watch beauty guru Desi Perkins do a perfect contour and highligt


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