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Epic Kardashian Fights

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If you watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” you know they are full of drama and there’s always something going on in that family. I thought it wold be funny to look back at some of the crazy fights they have had over the seasons. 

1.Kim Revealing her inner diva manners. We have seen the family loving a certain lifestyle but do you remember when Kim freaked out when she didn’t get the suite she wanted? Talk about diva demands. ha ha.



2.Remember when the three oldest sisters got into a fight over Kim’s perfume deal back in 2009? Here they are at lunch and Kris and Kim end up leaving Kourtney and Khloe while fighting.

3. Remember when Kylie Jenner was only 12 years old there was strict house rules. So imagine how Bruce reacted when he saw a boy in Kylie’s room. 


4. In one of the first seasons Kendall and Kylie caught Kim in a lie. They had plans to go to the beach with Kim but Kim cancels and says she hurt her foot. Watch what happens when  the they stop by with flowers and catches Kim in lying about her foot.





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  • Charlotte

    Man kan ikke se videoerne. Der står at “uploaderen ikke har gjort dem tilgængelige i dit land”. Jeg sidder i DK 🙂

    Havde ellers glædet mig til et gensyn 😀 Jeg ELSKER den familie 🙂

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