Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!

Great Fat burner – #FitnessFriday

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It was Thanksgivingread more here  – yesterday and I must admit I probably ate wayyyyy too much. I woke up so full. On one hand I just want to lay on my couch as a zombie but on the other hand I feel like going to the gym to burn all this food.

Today and the holidays in general is perfect for an intense fat burner circuit so that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

Click here for a great booty work out that is easy to do at home too.

Great total body “Dumbbell Workout” circuit. Depending on your fitness level you can skip the dumbbells.

1. Dumbbell burpee alternating knee tuck 1-2 punch combo 12/15 reps

2. Dumbbell shoulder hold standing alternating knee tuck – jump squat combo 12/15 reps

3. Alternating forward lunge dumbbell twist and punch combo 20 reps

Give it a try for 3-5 rounds depending on your fitness level for a great 20-40 min total body workout. I promise you will be burning a lot of fat 😉


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Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!