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My favorite things about L.A.

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There’s so much to love about Los Angeles but I made a list of some of my favorite things about the city of angels. <3

 The weather! You simply can’t beat the weather in Los Angeles. It’s never really humid and sticky, barely rains and the winter’s are so sort and has no comparison to regular winters.

The endless opportunities. There’s so many different opportunities and the possibilities of you making it are endless – if you have the courage and discipline to pursue your dream.

Valet parking! Yup I know it sounds crazy but seriously when you have been driving around for 20 minutes looking for parking valet parking can really safe your life lol. There is valet everywhere in Los Angeles. Don’t forget to tip;)

The diversity. Personally I have never felt more at peace and accepted than I have in Los Angeles. It’s a city filled with different styles, race, sexuality, opinions and people – I love it!

Evening drives. There is something about driving in Los Angeles at night especially driving down Sunset blvd. The lights, huge billboards, watching people enjoying themselves and just the life of people meeting up, grabbing drinks, food etc. It’s a vibe that you have to experience to understand.

People are friendly. Everyone is so friendly and always says “Hi, How are you?” and I think that creates an awesome and warming vibe.

Pet-friendly. It is rare people dislike when you bring your dog with you. Well behaved pets are welcomed with open arms in the city of angels.

Very inspiring. In one night you can meet someone who made it and is retired, someone who is currently living their dream and someone who is currently pursuing and working towards reaching the stars. I think all three scenarios are very inspiring and a reminder to keep going and to be thankful.

There’s everything. Wen you are in L.A. you have everything. We have beaches, downtown, shopping, awesome dining, night life, pool’s amusement parks, the mountains (skiing) are just an hour away and the list goes on.

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