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The year is coming to an end so I thought i would be funny to look back and see which post on my blog was the most popular one. Without saying too much I can say that it s one of my Kardashian/Jenner posts and it’s not a very flattering one 😉

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My Danish & American Christmas

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I gave the blog a little break over the holidays mostly because I was busy celebrating Christmas, relaxing and enjoying my presents and family 😉 But don’t worry I’m back now 🙂

I had the pleasure of having two Christmas’: one Danish the 24th and one American the 25th.

The 24th Mama-Zanne cooked a traditional Danish Christmas dinner for us and a couple of our friends. We invited Red, our cleaning lady Vera and our L.A. friend Eric and Charmaine from Bloggers Delight over for Christmas eve. They all loved Mama-Zanne’s food: duck, gravy (brun sovs), cabbage, potatoes, caramelized potatoes (brune kartofler) and dessert ris a la mande a sweet rice pudding.

While we were all opening presents – I was opening straight for two hours lol – we enjoyed Danish Christmas treats that Mama-Zanne brought for Christmas.

It was so nice to have a taste of Denmark even better is that Red is coming to Denmark yay <3

The following day, Christmas Day, I did it American style. I had brunch with Red and then we headed over to some of his family friends who actually live in the same building as Kendall Jenner 😉 We were there all day and had an early dinner, ham, mashed potatoes and vegetables.

After we went to a gated community in Tarzana (where Khloe and Lamar lived) for a huge private Christmas party. It was very elaborate with catered food, open bar, live band etc. There were a lot of people from the music industry attending so that was pretty cool 🙂

The 25th we went to the movies to watch Concussion with Will Smith – so good! Afterwards Mama-Zanne had prepared a Christmas lunch for us and Red tasted “leverpostej” (Danish pate) and he loved it ha ha.

As you can see I had an amazing Christmas. I’m so excited about all my presents and the fact that we still have leftovers of all the Danish treats, cookies and chocolate yummy!!!!

I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas as well <3

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Last #SillySundays in 2015

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Happy Sunday. I’ve been enjoying the last couple of Christmas days. It’s been nice to relax, enjoy my new presents and all the leftovers. I still haven’t made plans for NYE so I guess I have to figure that out soon. But before stressing about that I’ll enjoy my Sunday and laugh at my favorite memes this week 😉 #SillySundays

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Exclusive Quay Sunglasses

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One of my favorite sunglass companies “Quay Australia” just came out with an exclusive marble frame in my favorite style “My Girl” – what are the odds?!

The Quay “My Girl” sunglasses is the perfect mirror cat eye sunglasses and they are the perfect accessory. You are very likely to spot a pair of Quay sunglasses on Kylie Jenner, Jessica Alba, Gigi Hadid, Desi Perkins, Chrisspy and many other major blogger or youtuber.

You can get the exclusive pair of “My Girl” in marble ONLY on Asos.

Purchase them HERE and get free shipping <3

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