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Ice-Skating in Los Angeles

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Over the weekend Red surprised Mama-Zanne and I by taking us ice skating. Red didn’t give us much info prior only to dress warm and comfortable – and we were definitely surprised.

I haven’t ice skated in years – maybe 8 years and Mama Zanne had only tried it once when she was 8 years old!!!! At first Mama Zanne refused to try. When we finally got her convinced she only wanted to try if she could get a new pair of socks to wear after. She didn’t want to wear socks that had touched the skate in her Chanel boots HA HA HA!!!! Luckily there was a mall nearby where we could buy her a pair of new socks.

After much convincing we finally got her on the ice. At first both her and myself looked like complete fools ha ha. Thank goodness for Red who helped us – especially Mama Zanne. I quickly got the rhythm but Mama Zanne refused to let go of Red’s hand or the railing as long as she was on the ice.

It was so much fun and such a cute surprise. We are definitely thinking of going out there again before they take down the ice skating ring.

Last time Red surprised me he flew me to Mexico for my birthday – see more HERE. 


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