My work out today #FitnessFriday

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There’s nothing better than good music. Good music always sets the mood and it always makes me feel good. I love all kinds of music but I never listens too heavy metal and electronic music isn’t my favorite either. I love and pay a lot of attention to lyrics – like a good lyrics makes me feel so alive.

I decided to share three songs that I’m jamming to at the moment. Enjoy <3

First song is an oldie by Monica “First night”. Red was blasting it the other day before my surprise and t was so groovy and I love the words.

The second song is by Bryson Tiller – who Kylie Jenner is also blasting at the moment. The song is called “Sorry not sorry” ad is so smooth and comfortable – and how sexy does he sound!!

Th last song is by a new artist named Kehlani and the song is called “N*ggas”. She just got manumitted for her first grammy and I actually went to her listening party a couple of months ago. This is by far my favorite song at the moment. It’s such girl power song but still super dope. (Btw she’s part black which is why she “can” say the N-word. I just pretend she is saying “boys”;))

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My work out today #FitnessFriday