Disappointed: Kimoji app review

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So Kim Kardashian came out with her third app. First her video game for smart phones, her personal app and now a KIMOJI app. The Kimoji app is 250+ emojis designed by Kim Kardashian herself – including emojis of herself and her famous booty;)

On the launch date the application temporarily broke due to the the fact that too many people were trying to download the app at the same time. Kim Kardashian’s app also went straight to the top of the iTunes chart.

Personally I think the app is really funny and can definitely be used in convos between you and your girlfriends – if it was only working!!! It makes your phone freeze and it can be hard to add the emojis. I also want to mention that the emojis are more like big stickers and are much bigger that the regular emojis.

I deleted the app and re-downloaded it again and it was working for a little bit again. The app is not Facebook or Instagram friendly. 

I know the app is very new and there will always be small glitches but I think her tech team should be a little bit better prepared. Her team already know people go crazy when she launches something new so these type of glitches and errors is a no no when you have a budget and a team like Kim Kardashian does.

Since so many people were complaining she made a statement apologizing and saying all the errors have been fixed.

With all that being said I feel like the app is unique and funny for now but I don’t think I’ll be using it long term. I will most likely stick to the original emojis.

The app costs $1.99 and can be downloaded on your app store or on iTunes.

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#SillySundays – funny memes

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Happy Sunday folks. Im trying to recover after a “Great Gatsby” themed birthday party last night. The red carpet, dinner and party took place at a huge ship in Long Beach and the party was so much fun!!!! Well I’m not spilling to many details since I’ll be posting a vlog from the party 😉

Watch my video from my dance session with my choreographer here. 

Anyways here’s my favorite memes from this week. Enjoy <3






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Music I’m jamming to this week

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There’s nothing better than good music. Good music always sets the mood and it always makes me feel good. I love all kinds of music but I never listens too heavy metal and electronic music isn’t my favorite either. I love and pay a lot of attention to lyrics – like a good lyrics makes me feel so alive.

I decided to share three songs that I’m jamming to at the moment. Enjoy <3

First song is an oldie by Monica “First night”. Red was blasting it the other day before my surprise and t was so groovy and I love the words.

The second song is by Bryson Tiller – who Kylie Jenner is also blasting at the moment. The song is called “Sorry not sorry” ad is so smooth and comfortable – and how sexy does he sound!!

Th last song is by a new artist named Kehlani and the song is called “N*ggas”. She just got manumitted for her first grammy and I actually went to her listening party a couple of months ago. This is by far my favorite song at the moment. It’s such girl power song but still super dope. (Btw she’s part black which is why she “can” say the N-word. I just pretend she is saying “boys”;))

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My work out today #FitnessFriday

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It’s time for my #FitnessFriday clip. I’m focusing upper body to build a strong and lean back. I don’t want to get too muscular just want to tone and stay strong.

Are you struggling with cellulites – click HERE.

Here is the three exercises I did and I did 3 sets of 10:

1.Resistance band deadlifts – The resistant band helps keep you form and activates your core.

2. Bent over head pull – works both for your back and as cardio.

3. Bent over rows – keep your butt down and back straight.

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What did I just do?!

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As you guys know I’ve been thinking about chopping off my long locks for a sorter look. I guess you can say that just happened – yup the long locks are gone!!

Yesterday my friend and hairdresser Charlie came over and gave me the coolest new hair cut. It is a lot shorter than what I’m used to – like a lot shorter. But it is fun to try something new and I can always just put my favorite Djarling extensions in 😉


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