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 Happy Sunday 🙂 It’s been a crazy busy week for me. Not only did Mama-Zanne leave I also had so many meetings and interviews to follow up my new release of my music video and single “Wonderland”watch it here.

Normally Sunday’s are my chill day but today I have two interviews scheduled. I guess I’ll have to chill sometime in the future ha ha.

Anyways here is my favorite memes of eh week 🙂 #SillySundays









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Watch my Music video

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

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In case you haven’t seen my new music video “Wonderland” you should definitely watch it 😉

It’s my first U.S. single and I’m so happy with it. Please watch it and help me share the word. You can buy it on iTunes HERE.

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Video: BTS of my music video

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I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding my video “Wonderland” like where, how, how long etc. Instead of me writing a post I thought it would be more fun to actually watch a short BTS video from my music video shoot.

Watch my music video “Wonderland” HERE.

The video was shot in the Californian Mojave desert a very cold and extremely windy October night. We started prepping at 1PM, then a two hour drive to the desert. We start shooting at 8.30PM and shot for 10 hours. The last two-three hours I couldn’t feel anything because I was so cold – It was around 30-40 degrees.

It was a very long day of shooting and we did it again the next two days. Even though it was long days and I had to be “on” all the time it was the best feeling ever. I had so much fun and I truly love living out my dream <3

Now go ahead watch the BTS video below 😉

Watch the BTS of my topless cover shoot for “Wonderland” HERE.


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a sad goodbye….

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There’s nothing worse that saying goodbye to people you love and care about. Today I had to say a sad goodbye or should I say “see you again” to Mama-Zanne. Mama-Zanne is returning to Copenhagen and leaving us here in Los Angeles.

It’s always kind of weird when she leaves because she’s here for a while when she visits so you kinda of get used to her bossing you around 😉 Ha ha just kidding. But yea you do get used to having her around so it feels so empty without her.

Watch my new music video “Wonderland”. 

Good thing that we FaceTime every day and I’ll see her soon. To be honest with you guys I’m sure there isn’t even room for her to miss me because she’s missing the dogs so much ha ha<3

Anyways Copenhagen yo better take care of my Mama-Zanne<3



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Funny memes #SillySundays

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

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Happy Sunday – Hope you all had a great weekend. Sundays are usually my favorite day because I usually just relax and do nothing. Due to my new single and video – watch it here – I’ve been working today and doing interviews to promote my single and video “Wonderland”. Buy it here.

Anyways here is my favorite memes of the week <3









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