First #SillySundays of 2016

First weekend of 2016

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

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The first weekend of 2016 is over and really didn’t too much ha ha. Friday I was just recovering from my NYE party. Besides going out for brunch with Red I spent most of my day on the couch. Saturday I wrote little, facetimed with a friend from home and went to lunch at Urth Caffe. At night Mama-Zanne cooked us dinner before we headed out to a birthday party.

The birthday took place at an ice skating and bowling alley. It was a really fun way to get together and just have a good time. I was way too cold to ice skate but I joined everyone at Bowling. For some unknown reason my bowling game was on point and I was the one with the highest score most of the game. Of course towards the end I lost my mojo and only came in third lol:(

Watch Mama-Zanne ice skating!!! 

Sunday wasn’t too exciting besides the fact that I slept 12 hours!??!?! I watched the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie “Revenant” it was good but very long but Leo is such an amazing actor. After the movie we went to church. When we got back home we cooked dinner and watched “Hit Man”.

As you can see I spend my first weekend of 2016 relaxing, watching movies and sleeping. I have a few really busy weeks ahead of me because I’m releasing my first U.S. single – but I definitely feel restored and ready <3

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First #SillySundays of 2016