My Music video work outs #FitnessFriday

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Before shooting my music video – watch it here – I went all in at the gym. I did high intensity and explosive work outs and a lot of lower body exercises.

Here is a circuit I did a lot prior to wearing my Victoria Secret outfit in the cold Mojave desert. It’s explosive and activates a lot of muscles both core and legs. These exercises are great for legs but also for mobility which is great for dancers to be quick.

All exercises I’m wearing the resistant band around my hips/waist:

1.Side shuffles 3×10 each side. Jump as far out as you can and then back.

2. Power jump 3×10. Jump as far out as you can into a squat and then take only two steps back.

3. Alternating lunges 3×10. Don’t step too far back or the band will fall down.

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My release party in L.A.

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I had the most amazing video release party. Even though it was a very stressful time putting a whole party together it was all worth it. So many great people came out to support and everybody love my video and song.

The party had everything from a photo wall, red carpet, food, drinks, a big screen for the video, photographer, videographer and sounds from the great DJ Syke. We didn’t have any fancy even planner or anyone to help us we did it all by ourselves – and I’m so proud of the outcome.

We had some amazing sponsors: Marco’s Pizza, Just Extensions, Essentia Water, Copenhagen Pastry and Skin By Carla. 

The night went great and the vibe was amazing. It’s always very nerve-wracking throwing an event or party in Los Angeles because people are so unreliable. You never know if they will show up – even if they said they would, how many people, when they are showing up etc. It’s very different from what I’m used to back in Denmark but with time I’ve learned not to take it personal – it’s just the way it is in Los Angeles. Of course it’s hurtful when people you thought would show up don’t come. But it’s so much more important to focus on the MANY people who came to celebrate – and there was tons of people<3

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Photos by: Aaron Brumfield

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Kim Kardashian Look-Alike

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 The other day I saw this story online that Kim Kardashian (on the right) has a twin; a 20 year old fashion blogger from Canada Kamilla Osman. I feel like everyone and their moms are trying to look the Kim Kardashian or her younger sister Kylie Jenner these days. But when I saw the pictures of the young fashion blogger – who has become popular on Instagram thanks to an uncanny resemblance to the Kim Kardashian – I was shocked how much she looked like her.

Kamilla Osman says she has never tried to look like Kim Kardashian but they have similar backgrounds since she is Azeri which borders Armenia and could explain the similarity in the way the two girls look.

The 20 year old blogger says she got a nose job due to medical reasons and lip fillers due insecurities and not to look like Kim Kardashian and doesn’t think she look like Kim K?!  – even though in my opinion she looks just like the reality star.

Besides contouring, waist raining and working out like Kim Kardashian she also appears on her Instagram to live a very extravagant lifestyle with expensive cars, Birkin bags and diamonds.

Personally I think she is trying to copy Kim Kardashian’s look – like many others are as well. I feel like there’s a whole trend on Instagram going on where everybody is trying to copy Kim’s look and her younger sister Kylie Jenner. Many Instagram girls are going to the same doctor as Kim and Kylie to perfect their looks and get same treatments as they famous sisters!

It’s really sad that it has become so popular to all look the same. I’m a strong believer in individuality and unfortunately what you see on Instagram doesn’t promote that too often. I can’t wait for this phase “of looking like the Kardashian’s” is over – because it’s getting old 😉 haha.

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#SillySundays – funny memes

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Happy Sunday 🙂 It’s time for my #SillySundays which is my favorite memes of the week 🙂

Did watch my BTS video from my cover shoot for my new single? If not click here.









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