#SillySundays – fav memes

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Another Sunday which means it’s time for #SillySundays and my favorite memes of the week. My favorite meme this week is the Kardashian one. I absolutely love Scott Disick’s comments – they are so funny. It was really sad when Kourtney broke up with Scott but understandable when he chooses to drink and do drugs and not get help to stay sober.

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My Valentines Surprise (Super late)

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I have had a couple of people ask me about my Valentines surprise since I forgot to post about it. This post is obviously long overdue since Valentines Day was like two weeks ago but I decided to share it anyway.

Red surprised me with a huge home made brunch of all my favorite brunch items, Valentines balloons and flowers. After brunch I gave him my presents and we chilled for a couple of hours due to food coma 😉 We went for a walk around Beverly Hills and got ice-cream at Creamistry – so amazing!!

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After our walk we slowly got ready for dinner. Red had arranged dinner at Barton G where we also went for our anniversary – see more here. Barton G is such a visual and fun experience.


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Lower abs for girls #FitnessFriday

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I’ve gotten a lot of requests on how to get rid of your muffin top (lower tummy fat). Especially for girls that is an area that many of us struggle with. I put together a circuit with three exercises that targets your lower abs.

Getting rid of your muffin top you’ll need to burn fat – click here for a great fat-burner work out.

I did three rounds 15 of each exercise. With exercises two and three remember to keep your back flat and suck in your stomach.

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Happiest place on earth – Disney Land

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This weekend I went to the happiest place on earth – Disney Land. I haven’t been since I was 2 years old so it basically felt like it was my first time going.

We went with Red’s family friends for a birthday and the whole day was so perfectly planned out. We got there early at 11 am which I highly recommend especially if you are going on the weekends because the park is packed. Thank goodness for the amazing hook up which got us around all the lines so we didn’t have to waste time on standing in the long lines. After a beautiful lunch – we basically had our own dining room with an open balcony which allowed the beautiful Disney music in – we continued our adventure around the park.

When the group left Red and I decided to stay so that we could experience  as much as possible. We stayed till 10.45PM so you can imagine that we were super exhausted by the time we left.

My favorite thing was the parade that took place at night at the old park (new park is called Disney California Adventure). It was so well put together and the lights and characters were amazing!!! We were both so impressed.

My second favorite thing was the Twilllight Terror Tower! I died laughing in there – so much fun and definitely a must try if you visit.




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Video: Shoot at Venice Beach

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I just uploaded a new video on my youtube channel – subscribe here. This week it’s a behind the scene video from a photo shoot I did at Venice Beach with a photographer named Kevin Arnold check out his site here.

I uploaded a new dancing video with Nika Kljun last week – watch it here.

This shoot was the first time I’ve ever worked with or met Kevin Arnold. The shoot was so amazing and Kevin made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. His eye is incredible and is by far one of my favorite photographers to shoot with.

Anyways enjoy the vlog and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up 🙂

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