Best Hollywood facial ever!!

Justin Bieber kissed my Dog Daisy!!!!

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Remember how I met Justin Bieber the other day at lunch in Beverly Hills? If not read all about it here. 

Not only did we get a picture with him Bieber was also obsessed with my two dogs Daisy Duke and Albert Einstein. Instead of rushing to the car and avoiding the crowd and fans he grabbed my arm and asked if he could pet my dogs?!?! 

He kept asking me questions about the dogs like “How old, where did I get them, their names etc”. He was so sweet and good to the dogs and kept petting them. He thought Albert was exceptional cute and Justin Bieber and Daisy kissed a couple of times. #ToDieFor

We ended talking for a while actually and he forgot his big bag with food. I was very shocked that he took out time to come to talk to me and my dogs. Guess he has a good taste;) Before leaving Bieber caressed my arm and thanked me for allowing him to meet my dogs<3

It’s sure to say that Albert and Daisy will never get a bath again ha ha. Any ways here’s the pictures – unfortunately they aren’t the best since I obviously wasn’t prepared 😉


FullSizeRender IMG_1168

Skærmbillede 2016-03-05 kl. 04.49.52

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Best Hollywood facial ever!!