I need your help!!!!!!

Met Justin Bieber today!!!

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Today I was having lunch in Beverly Hills at one of my favorite spots Il Pastaio with Ida and our friends from home Elif and Kevni. As we are finishing up a guy walks by and says “Hi, How are you” and smiled at us. At first I didn’t know who it was because my back was turned towards the street. When I turned around I realized it was freaking Justin Bieber!!!!!!!! I turned around and answered “I’m good, How are you?” Lol

If you know me I freaking love Justin Bieber – I’m such a belieber. Not only is he so talented he so damn cute too. We were all super shocked and totally out of it. I’ve seen him many times before like at church, at Urth Caffe, parties etc. But he has always been with people and today he was riding solo only accompanied by his security.

We were all acting like little girls ha ha so we sent Kevni in to find him and possible get a picture with him ha ha. Well it was all really funny and I can only shake my head thinking about how hyped we all were ha ha.

None of less we got the picture and he was super sweet. After the picture while everyone else was waiting on their picture he was asking a lot of questions about Albert and Daisy. We ended up talking for a little bit but I will post another post about our conversation and you will also find out who Justin Bieber kissed before he left!!!!! 

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