Bad news - Sorry!!!

My work out while injured #FitnessFriday

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

It’s time for another work out video. Working and toning your legs and butt is so important and makes you sweat which makes you burn fat 😉 Even know my shoulder is messed up you know I can’t stay completely our of the gym.  Therefore I try to stay off my upper body.

Trying to get rid of your muffin top? Get a flat tummy here.

Check out this week’s booty combo:

1.Lunge pulse: 10×3 bounces on each leg

2. Reverse lunge combo: lunge straight back followed by a side lunge 3×10

3. Kneel to box jump combo: Use a matt to protect your knees 3×10

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Bad news - Sorry!!!