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Denmark I’m coming!!!!

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After announcing that I booked my next travel destination. I received many guesses on where I’m headed and a lot of them were right;)  I’m coming to DENMARK. 

Yes I’m arriving Tuesday in Copenhagen and I’m also bringing Red. I haven’t been back in almost two years so I’m really excited but also a little nervous. Last time I was back I felt a little like the outsider ha ha. I don’t really know what’s going on or where the good places are anymore. Also living in Los Angeles is just so different and people are so open here.

I’m really excited to visit my friends and especially my family<3 And it is going to be fun to introduce Red.

I’m not just coming to have fun and visit family and friends I also have something else up my sleeve that I’m really excited about!!!!!!! And I’m sure yo guys will be ecstatic about it too – so stay tuned 😉


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