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My next travel destination booked!

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I just booked my next travel destination. Normally I love exotic and warm places but this one is a little bit different than that. I’m not expecting any sun, getting a tan or laying by the beach even though that is really what I want lol. Instead I’m going to a destination I’ve been to many times before so it’s not new. But I have to admit I’m a little bit excited because I haven’t been back in a while so I’m not really sure what’s going on, the cool places or if everything even looks the same.

Do you like my makeup? Watch the tutorial here.

I’m bringing my favorite travel companion Red so I’m sure it will be fun. I just hope we can handle the colder weather #SpoiledLAPeople. Our last two trips went to Hawaii and Mexico – both amazing trips.

So where do you guys think I’m headed to next? Comment below and let me know<3

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Video: My first makeup tutorial