Hospital scare & Bye to blogging

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As you might have realized I’ve been completely MIA the last 12 days. I’ve not been on any on my social media accounts or been blogging.

The reason for my absence was because I was dealing with some personal stuff and actually ended up at the hospital (thank goodness for issurance lol). Ever since I was picked up by the ambulance I’ve been taking it slow and just pulled the plug for a few days. It was actually really nice and very different.

I’m back now tho – I have so many exciting things coming up and I just knew that I had to share them y’all. So stay tuned I’ll be announcing a lot of amazing news here on the blog the next following days <3

A special thanks to everyone who was still checking in and visiting my blog – I’m a little bit surprised how much traffic I stil had so THANK YOU it means a lot<3

See what is really hiding in my purse 😉 

Photo by Kevin Arnold. 

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Video: What’s in my purse?

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

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I’ve uploaded a new video to my Youtube channel – subscribe here – and I’m really excited to share it with you all.

This time it’s not a vlog (video blog)  but instead it’s a video to get to know me a little better. I’m showing you what’s inside my purse 🙂

Come inside my walk-in closet here. 

Watch the video and I’m sure you’ll be surprised what’s hiding in my purse 😉

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Malibu Wine Tasting & Picnic

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

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This weekend I spend my Sunday wine tasting at Malibu Wines. Malibu Wines is not your regular wine tasting experience. Basically it is a big open area with plenty chairs, picnic tables and live music on the weekends.

There is a smaller selection of wines to taste from which you pick your favorite and then purchase your bottle. You bring your own food and snacks. We were a big group and ended up spending all day, eating, tasting several  wines and playing UNO – ha ha 😉

It was such a great day with beautiful weather and good people. The place has the perfect vibe and is a good hang out spot with friends or on a date. I’m definitely going to be visiting Malibu Wines this Summer.

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My work out while injured #FitnessFriday

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

It’s time for another work out video. Working and toning your legs and butt is so important and makes you sweat which makes you burn fat 😉 Even know my shoulder is messed up you know I can’t stay completely our of the gym.  Therefore I try to stay off my upper body.

Trying to get rid of your muffin top? Get a flat tummy here.

Check out this week’s booty combo:

1.Lunge pulse: 10×3 bounces on each leg

2. Reverse lunge combo: lunge straight back followed by a side lunge 3×10

3. Kneel to box jump combo: Use a matt to protect your knees 3×10

Sponsored by Essentia Water

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