Foundation & Concealer tutorial: Video

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Together with my makeup artist Christian The MUA we are doing a tutorial on how to apply your foundation and concealer right. My makeup artist is going step by step and really showcasing all the details on how to apply it right. Of course she is also sharing a few of her own tricks in the video.

I asked her to use two of my favorite products when it comes to concealer and foundation. get all the details by watching the video below. Subscribe to my channel here. 

You can watch our first makeup tutorial here.

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When I met Prince #Throwbackthursday

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I’m sure we are all aware of the tragic death of Prince last week. The cause is still unknown but we do know that he was found in the elevator at his house in Minnesota.

In his memory Red and I stayed in Friday night and watched “Purple Rain” and listened to his great tunes all night. Not only did it remind me of his talent but it also reminded me of how lucky I am that I had chance to meet him. 

Remember when Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off his stage?

It was five years ago here in Los Angeles, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. I was staying at the hotel and one night I was walking through the hotel and suddenly someone stepped on my foot. The guy turned around and apologized and asked if I was okay. At the same time his security stood around us and kept people from coming up to him. First then I realized that I was standing in front of Prince!!!!!! and he just stepped on me with his high heel shoes Ha ha.. I felt so stupid for not realizing sooner it was him especially when he has such a distinguished look #BlondeMoment. Besides being very nice and polite he looked so tiny almost like an old vegestable.

Even though it was short I’m still happy to have met him or at least the fact that he spoke to me ha ha 😉

I posted one of my favorite Prince songs below

R.I.P <3

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Kendall got pranked called

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I saw this funny video on Youtube this weekend and I decided to share it on my blog. Model (and maybe girlfriend of Justin Bieber) Hailey Baldwin is doing an interview with E news!. Jason Kennedy the reporter wants to do a prank call on one of her famous friends – I looooooove prank calls! First it doesn’t go as planned but they end up calling Kendall Jenner and you’ll be surprised how Kendall reacts 😉

watch my tutorial on how to apply the perfect foundation and concealer.

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#SillySundays – Fav memes

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It’s Sunday which is my favorite day of the week. First of I don’t work out on Sundays which already makes the day so much better ha ha. Furthermore you can do whatever you want on a Sunday, lay in bed, watch TV allllllll day, go outside, hang out with friends, sleep in, catch up on work  – the options are endless.

Last Sunday I went to a BBQ in Santa Monica. The weather was beautiful even though Santa Monica end to be a little more gloomy. The food was so tasty and I sort of ate through out the whole day. I also re-discovered my talent for ping pong (who knew!?).

While you are still digesting my hidden ping pong talents go ahead and enjoy my favorite memes of the week <3









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Prince kicked Kim K off stage

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I’m still shocked after finding out that Prince passed away Thursday. He was such a genius, an undeniable performer and his music is timeless. His publicist still hasn’t announced the cause of his death but rumors has it that he was battling the flu for a couple of weeks…..

The whole situation is so sad especially because he died so young (57 years old). Red and I have already talked about watching “Purple Rain” this weekend. His death is really devastating so I thought of a funny incident; When Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off his stage back in 2011 at Madison Square Garden!

As part of his show at his “Welcome 2 Tour” Prince is looking for a girl in the front rows to join him on stage. Prince picked Kim Kardashian (who is friends with his ex-wife Mayte Garcia) and starts grooving and dancing around her. Prince wants her to dance along but instead she freezes, laughs nervously and starts clapping at him. Shortly after Prince tells her “Get off my stage”!!!!!

After the show Kim Kardashian tweeted: “I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!”. She also met up with Mayte Garcia and attempted to take a dance class – both featured on KUWTK.

We can all agree is was a bit awkward but also a funny  incident. But how do you think you would have reacted if Prince started to dance with? 🙂

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