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I’ve been putting in work at the gym after my trip back home to Denmark. I have to admit that it was pretty tough being back and I was very sore after my work outs. It’s crazy how fast you “loose” it ha ha. With Summer just around the corner I’m working out hard now.

If you are trying to get fit for Summer stick with me and get your weekly inspiration every Friday when I share my #FitnessFriday video. 

Below is a lower body workout with a resistance band and you will also work out your abs.

Do three sets of 10. You will work out your booty, legs, core, abs and get your heart rate up – how awesome with only three exercises 😉

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“Strong looks better naked” Review

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As an early birthday present for my sister Melanie I bought Khloe Kardashian’s newest book “Strong looks better naked”. I literally bought it on my way to the airport so it automatically ended up in my hand luggage. It really wasn’t for me but a 10 hour long flight you can already guess what happened. I basically killed the whole book on that flight lol.

The book was very different that I expected. It is a mix between self-help (without being smooshy), diet/exercise guide and a memoir. Khloe shares her personal struggles, rocky relationships and how she got through them all. It’s a personal book especially because she is sharing her own way of doing things but it seems like she is missing out on a chance to offer us insight into the real Khloe or get really under the skin.

The book is four chapters; Body, Mind, Should and Heart and includes pictures and healthy and delicious recipes.

She is not talking about anything you don’t already know. But she is reminding you about things you so often forget in your daily life. The book makes you think, reevaluate and wanting to make small changes for the better in your life. It also motivates you physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Overall the book is very easy to read and great motivation for your life. Also if you are a true Kardashian you should definitely read it 😉

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Coachella trip cancelled

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The last two years I went to Coachella music festival in the Californian desert in Palm Springs and I had a blast!!!! I went the first weekend of Coachella (it’s so big that they do it all over again the following weekend).

I’m normally not a festival girl but Coachella is different and it’s a little bit more glamorous than European festivals lol. Mostly because the weather is sunny and chances of rain are so minimal – don’t think it ever rained during Coachella.

Since last year we’ve been talking about going and we were actually really stoked but then something major happened which caused us and most of the people we know not to go. The line up sucked balls this year. I know of people who has never missed Coachella but cancelled their Air’bnb simply because the line up was not that great. The only really epic thing happening was the reunion of Guns’n Roses but the bands guitarist Slash closed the festival with a surprise performance two years ago. Sooooo……

Instead of Coachella we are now talking about Outside Lands. Another festival in California with a much better line up. So we will see <3

Check out last years Coachella trip here.

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#SillySundays – funny memes

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Happy Sunday y’all. Today I woke up early again – thanks to jet lag from my trip to Denmark (read more here).

It was such a beautiful morning with the sun shining and it was so warm outside. It really made you want to get out of bed and get the day started. I don’t have any plans today and I might just chill and catch up on some things. Until next time enjoy my favorite memes of the week 🙂 #SillySundays

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Bye Denmark. Hello L.A.

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I’m back in Los Angeles after an amazing trip to Denmark. Not only was my radio tour a success – read more here – I also got to spend time with my childhood friends and family which was so much needed. It was also great to show Red around – I will post shortly what his favorite thing was 😉

Today is my second day being back in L.A. and I have the worst jet lag. Yesterday I spend unpacking,  laundry, catching up, running errands and of course snuggling with my lovies Albert and Daisy <3

While dealing with my jet lag I’m also planning the next steps and getting ready to get back in the studio. You can follow my daily life on my snap chat: VictoriahBech.

Photo by : Kevin Arnold

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