#SilllySundays – fav memes

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It’s been a week and a half since my surgery – see more here – and I’m recovering pretty good and slowly feeling better. I’m thinking of stepping out today to celebrate Memorial Day. I’m not going to a crazy party but a nice BBQ in a gated community in Calabasas.

Meanwhile enjoy the memes I found for this week #SillySundays. 







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#SillySundays – funny memes

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As you know I just got surgery – read more here – so I’m on bedrest for two weeks. So nothing exciting is going on this weekend for me except being high on all these painkillers ha ha. Well while I continue to lay on the couch check out these funny memes I’ve found this week #SillySundays.









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My Surgery is done

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I’m back from the hospital and my surgery is over. I’m still a little out of it so here is just a little update and a “Hey I woke up” status 😉


Read more about what surgery I had done and why it was so urgent HERE.

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Behind the scenes #PhotoShoot

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A couple of days ago I did a photoshoot with a photographer that came to town. I’d never worked with him before but from what I’ve seen so far he looks really great.

I did four different looks and we shot at The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown L.A. I’m still waiting for the final pictures but until then I’m going to share a few BTS (behind the scene) pictures. Oh and please don’t forget to  send positive vibes my way – my surgery is tomorrow (read more here) <3

IMG_2700 IMG_2710 IMG_2718 IMG_2720 IMG_2722

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I’m going under the knife #Surgery

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Since I was a child I’ve been dealing issues with my nose /nostrils. I can’t hardly breath through my nose which is so annoying on so many levels. It basically feels like I’m constantly congested which makes it somewhat challenging to sing also.

It also means I’m breathing though my mouth primarily because it’s so noisy to breath through my nose and I also don’t get enough air through my nose. With my mouth being open so much I’m literally dealing with a sore throat and a cold once month #annoying.

After years I finally found a doctor who was able to solve my issue – which is a nasal and sinus surgery where the doctor is reshaping the inside of my nose by cutting out cartilage from my nose. The doctor will also drained my enlarged glands in both nostrils.

It is NOT a cosmetic surgery and the outside of my nose won’t change at all. If it does the surgery went wrong lol – so keep your fingers crossed. I won’t be bruised only a little swollen but it is supposedly really painfull and feels like I got punched in my face and then thrown into a brick wall. On top of that I’m having these metal “straws” inside my nose to stabilize it and keep it from collapsing the first five days!

I have to be in bed for two weeks (how boring), can’t lay down flat, can’t hardly eat the first couple of days, no lifting my dogs etc. Due to me being heavily drugged the two weeks might fly by so fast – who knows 😉 ha ha

Anyways it would be awesome if you all could send good thoughts and prayers my way. <3

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