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There always a new trend going on and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. I’ve made a list over things that are hot in Los Angeles right now.

Strappy Bikinis: Summer is just around the corner which means new bikinis. Especially strappy bikinis are popular. It doesn’t matter if it’s straps around your waist, on your bottoms or top – as long as it’s a strappy swimsuit. See my newest addition from Doll Swim Suit on the picture above.

Sunday Funday: Is by far the one of the best things about summer in Los Angeles. Sunday Funday is basically an extension of your weekend festivities and starts early Sunday with brunch and mimosas. The day continues with day partying and bar hopping from one fun spot to another. It’s so much fun.

The Nice Guy: If you are in Los Angeles to see celebrities this is a sure winner which is probably why photos are not allowed – unless you use their photo booth. Nice Guy is a restaurant and bar/lounge in West Hollywood with a very hip and young vibe. Most popular nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday – and you definitely need to make reservation for those nights. And let’s not forget to mention that both Gigi Hadid, Kevin Hart and Kylie Jenner all had their birthday party there.

SnapChat: SnapChat isn’t new but it’s really taking over in Los Angeles and it keeps growing. Besides the funny filters companies actually starting to pay you to snap if you have enough views on your story. Follow me on SnapChat: Victoriahbech

Lemonade: Of course we are all bumping to Queen Bey’s new album. Not only is the whole album taking over all the music charts “Who is Becky” is also a very discussed topic in the media. Who do you think it is? Rita Ora or Rachel Roy?

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