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First time back in the gym #FitnessFriday

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This week I got back in the gym after my surgery – see why I had surgery here – and it definitely wasn’t something I was looking forward to. It may look like I’m super into the gym lifestyle and I enjoy working out but I don’t. I never understand those people who praise the gym and love to go running etc. Don’t get me wrong I still workout because I know it’s good for me and I like the way it makes you look ha ha. After three weeks off from the gym it was a lot harder than usual to get back. But I just had to remind myself how good it makes me feel after I’m done. Also I’m going on vacation shortly so I have to step t up before the trip – read about my next travel destination here.

Obviously I’m not going HAM the first couple of days, then I wold just be too sore. Instead I did a lot of exercises without weights but still effective exercises. The video below is old but shows three of the exercises I did. So check it out and hopefully I can inspire you to get your butt to the gym too <3

Do three sets of 10. You will work out your booty, legs, core, abs and get your heart rate up – how awesome with only three exercises 😉

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