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My Next Travel Destination…..?

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My next travel destination is booked and I’m slowly getting ready. This trip is going to be a brand new experience not only the destinations but also the way we are traveling. I’m not going to reveal where we are going yet but I’ll reveal that it is a very long flight 12-13 hours and we are sailing around one of the biggest and newest cruises. I have no idea what to pack since I’ve never been to there before and I’ve never been on cruise. It doesn’t make it easier that we are gong to multiple countries and cities.

Besides the fact that I have no clue what to pack I’m really excited. But the question is can you guess where I’m going?<3


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  • Maria

    I wonder if it could be Oasis of the Seas with The Caribbean as destination?

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  • Maria

    That would fit you (ment in a absolutely positive way) – hmm I would have guest Europe at first (Italy, croatia etc) but I’m not really sure – but would be awesome to meet up in Italy if we went at the same time. Really curious where you are going (håber mit engelske er godt nok – dine “udlandske” læsere skal da også ha en chance for at forstå hvad vi danskere skriver – det er jo volapyk det dansk hihi)

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    • Victoriah Bech

      I’m announcing the destination next week 🙂 Let me know if you ever come to Los Angeles and we can meet for a cup of coffee <3 (And you english is great:) )

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