#SillySundays - From China

Bye bye!! I’m on the next flight out

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Today s the day! I’m going on my very first cruise ever. Last week I announced that my next travel destination has been booked – see more here. 

Today I’m revealing where I’m going. A cruise in Asia!!! I’m going with Red’s family and I’m super excited. We are leaving today from Los Angeles and flying out to Shanghai, China. Then we will get on the cruise and sail around in mostly Japan and then back to China. I’ll be gone for two weeks and I have no idea what to expect. I feel like Asia is a whole different world and the culture, people, food etc are so unique and different. Im sure this will be an experience for life and I can’t wait to share it here on my blog, on my Instagram and mostly on my SnapChat: Victoriahbech.


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#SillySundays - From China