I'm at the Variety Magazine party in Hollywood

Hollywood Movie premiere “Do Over”

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I know I promised to blog more often but it has  been hard to find time to create some good content for you guys lately. I’m booked back to back all week with filming, studio recordings, vocal sessions, grand openings, movie premiere, gym etc. Even though I have a lot going on I love being busy. It feels good to be productive and doing what you love.

Last night I went to the screening and premiere of the movie “Do Over”. The movie comes out in October and is about what would happen if we could redo our fist time (sexually). The storyline was definitely funny and made me think of my first time ha ha. I remember I was the last one in my group to have sex and it was super weird and didn’t really understand the hype of it ha!

Prior to the event I was with my vocal coach so I only had 20 minutes to get ready. I threw on my black lace up dress from nelly.com (buy it here) some of my favorite boots from Ego Official and a choker from Forever 21.

Remember you can see inside photos and videos from the events on my Snapchat Victoriahbech and on my Instagram story @Victoriahbech. <3

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I'm at the Variety Magazine party in Hollywood