Bye bye!! I'm on the next flight out

Hey, I’m back on my blog guys

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I’m sure a lot of you have been wondering happened to my blog and where I’ve been. I’ve not been on my blog in almost two months which is crazy. Not only did I need a break from blogging I’ve also been so busy and I really needed to focus on other things in my life than blogging.

I’ve recently signed with a publicist and a social media team and I’ve been busy working on music deals with some amazing talented people (will tell you more another day). I’ve also been traveling, celebrating my birthday and Mama-Zanne is in town and we are finalizing the last details on her opening up clinic in Beverly Hills!!!! Exciting. Even though I have a million things going on right now I have decided to start blogging again and I’m really excited to share this new chapter with you guys. Some pretty exciting things has happened over the last couple of months.

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Photo by: Atreyu Key

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Bye bye!! I'm on the next flight out