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Vogue: 73 questions w/ Kendall Jenner -must watch

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You know how much I enjoy watching Vogue‘s “73 questions with….” and they just came out with a new one with Kendall Jenner! It is so cute and she looks so freaking stunning not to mention Kris’ Jenners house WOW! Watch it and you’ll definitely learn a thing or two about Kendall that you didn’t already know.

I really want Vogue to do one with either Kourtney Kardashian or Kanye West. Who would you love to watch “73 questions with…..’?

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  • LOVE the 73 question format. Have you seen Victoria Beckhams? Can watch it over and over again

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    • Victoriah Bech

      Me too 😉 Yes I actually post that one a while ago.. Thank you for supporting my blog

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Hey, I'm back on my blog guys