Recap of my Emmy Awards Week

Walked the Red carpet w/ Jennifer Aniston!!!!

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I’ve always been obsessed with Jennifer Aniston and how incredibly beautiful she is and she just keeps getting prettier and prettier. So you can imagine I got excited when I was able to attend the STORKS world premiere with freaking Jennifer Aniston!!!! Not only was I excited to she her great looks in person but how crazy is it that I was walking the exact red (or blue) carpet. The premiere was huge – by far the biggest event I have ever been to. After we all watched the movie Warner Brothers studio shut down two-three blocks and created a whole STORKS world with food trucks, candy, playground, slides etc. And of course there was a ton of huge actors and actresses there too. The press coverage was therefore also crazy with all the biggest news outlets there.

It was such a fun premiere to attend and an amazing learning experience. I will say the only thing I absolutely hated was the direct sunlight on the carpet. The bad lighting made everyone including Jennifer Aniston look old and extra wrinkly #NotCute ha ha.


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Skærmbillede 2016-03-05 kl. 04.49.52

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Recap of my Emmy Awards Week