Teen Vogue Party

Recording w/ Iggy Azalea’s writer/producer

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I’ve been keeping a big secret from you all but I can now finally share it! I was hesitant to share it until it was actually happening. I’ve been working closely with one of Iggy Azalea’s producer and writer and his team who also basically worked on the entire album she recently released and her very first mixtape. These guys are so freaking talented and I’m feeling so lucky that they see something in me and that they want to work with me.

Last week we finished recording our first song together and the song is AMAZING! We are still in the process of mixing it and working on all the details which is a pretty long process especially when I want everything to be great. With a new song also comes a new video. Later this week I’m meeting with two different video teams that did videos for Ariana Grande and Tinashe. Hopefully I’ll be ready to shoot the video soon.

I’m super excited and I can’t wait till the song is ready for you all to listen to <3


Photos by Kevin Arnold

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