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What’s Hot In L.A. (October)

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There is always something new happening in Los Angeles. Whether it’s a new trend, a new restaurant or a new celebrity. Unless you actually live in Los Angeles (visiting on a tourist visa doesn’t count) you might not get the scoop right away. After much interest in my first “What’s hot in L.A.” post – read it here – I decided to do it again.


Catch L.A. 

Catch L.A. is the newest rooftop bar, lounge and restaurant. It’s the most beautiful rooftop serving seafood and a great place for drinks before going out. You might have seen it on my snapchat or my Insta story, I went to a Emmy Awards Party, the private pre-opening party for friends and family and twice for drinks. It was also the place Kylie Jenner threw BFF Jordyn Woods her private birthday dinner. Unless you know someone it’s really hard to get a reservation let alone let in by the front guy – at least for now 😉

Oversized Denim jackets

I’m sure I am not the first person to tell you about the trend of oversized denim jackets. Due to the slight weather change in Los Angeles the denim jacket is perfect over a cute dress or a little top at night. The key to the perfect oversized 90’s look is that the denim jacket is fitted while still being oversized. For example will the sleeves fit your arm length, the shoulders will still be fitted and you avoid looking silly in your dad’s old denim jacket lol.

Chrome nails

The newest in nail design is chrome nails, whether is gold, silver, rose gold, green etc. The mirror powder is “rubbed” onto your cured gel polish and sealed with a topcoat. The color of your gel polish will determine which chrome effect/color you will get. I’ve had it once (black/silver) and I’m having withdrawals. I’m definitely getting chrome rose gold next time I’m getting my nails done.

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